Bad Luck Bus Hire Made My Day!

I flew over from New Zealand to Sydney to see this once in a lifetime show.  It’s my first time to return in about five years when I first saw the Sydney Opera House.  I got my tickets two months in advance when I first heard that  Banana Da Terra would be playing in the Sydney Opera House.

On concert day I arrived a little early to make sure I had time to get some merchandise for myself since I know I may not get another chance once the event starts.  There was about 1900 people hanging around the bar area.. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and realised trying to find friends inside the venue will be trickier than first anticipated. Meet ups would have to wait until after the show.

I decided to walk around outside just to get some fresh air and be able to hear myself think about how much fun the entire evening would be.  I walked for about two minutes just to stretch out my legs and was trying to do a lap around the opera house just to kill time.  And then suddenly a Bus Hire service stopped a good distance from the entrance because of a blown out tire.  I could not believe what I was seeing in front of me: it was  Banana Da Terra coming out of the bus!

I pinched myself trying to see if I was dreaming and to my delight I was wide awake from the red-bull that I just had.  Banana Da Terra arrived late in Sydney due to unknown reasons and was picked up from the airport by one of the Bus Hire Sydney services.  They did not even stop at their hotel to settle in as they have a concert to perform in.  With all that said I went up to them and got an autograph as best as I could before being pushed aside by one of the security members.

For the  whole time during the concert, I was sitting there with a permanent smile on my face cause I got to meet Banana Da Terra in a most unexpected manner, in deep awe and total captivation by the way Banana Da Terra opened there Australian tour in typically slick and professional fashion. Yeah, it was that good – other fans have mentioned tears welling up, a little lump in the back of the throat, goose bumps, shivers and so on.  It was truly a night to remember…

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Banana Da Terra Pay Tribute with Hair Extensions

The boys from Banana Da Terra have decided to pay tribute to the old hair bands of the 80s, by playing their next show with each member wearing human hair extensions! The decision was made after Steven, the band’s slightly excentric singer/song writer discovered a box of old Motley Crue albums under his house. After reminiscing with the old CDs for two straight days locked in his room, Steven returned to reality with this brilliant idea: Banana Da Terra would play their next big set as a covers band, replaying all the great tracks from that awful hair-obsessed era of “music”.

At first the other band members were unconvinced, joking that “Steven had been having great difficulty with the ladies of late” and that this was simply a last ditch effort to get some action off the back of Motley Crue’s sex symbol status. After some desperate threats however, Steven managed to get his way, aledging that he alone was responsible for the band’s success, and promising that if the group did not adhere to his crazed demands, they’d soon find themselves out on the street.

And so you have it, Banana Da Terra will be attending tonight’s gig dressed like an 80s nightmare relived. I’m not sure how the fans will react, seeing as they’ve paid to see and hear the wonderful sounds of Banana Da Terra, and probably have very little interest in Motley Crue. Ah well, here’s a photo of the gang for a sneak peak at what’s in store, they all look pretty happy at the end of the day!

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Acoustic guitars or galloping rhythms: What to expect on Iron Maiden’s newest album

Acoustic guitars, galloping rhythms, awesome riffs—those are just some of the speculations of fans and supporters of what to expect on Iron Maiden’s newest album entitled, ‘The Final Frontier’. The band has not released any album for almost four years now, making the anticipation of the release high.

Iron Maiden is considered one of the pioneers of the British heavy metal scene. They are also considered as one of the most successful heavy metal bands in music history, selling 100 million records worldwide, without any publicity and promotions in radio and television. The band underwent several lineup changes from the year they started (1975). Dave Murray and Steve Harris are the only original members of the band since it was formed.

Janick Gers, Iron Maiden’s guitarist, has shared some details that we can expect from their newest album. In an interview of Total Guitar, Gers shared that there is still a hint of vintage Iron Maiden in their newest album. “There’s one song where the timing is lop-sided and was meandering around the beat,” he says. He also added that their songs never sounded “clinical” which he really liked.

Also in that interview, Iron Maiden’s songwriter and guitarist Dave Murray has revealed that they have so many surprises in store for the fans and supporters who have been anticipating for their new material. For instance, in one of their songs entitled ‘The Man Who Would Be King’, its intro came off really good; its middle part sounded weird while its end sounded pretty dramatic. He also shared that in one of their songs entitled ‘Mother of Mercy’, the three guitars were all tuned down to drop D. Just goes to show that they are still “putting the M on Metal”.

An acoustic guitar vibe can also be found on their newest album. Murray shares that there is a “folkie bit of acoustic playing” that Gers did for a new material. They have done acoustic set on stage before, but they are definitely not doing it while sitting on bar stools.

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Welcome To

Banana da Terra is a Boone, NC based Brazilian jazz band whose unique sound and excellent musicianship keeps crowds dancing and challenged at the same time. With Portuguese lyrics floating over complex rhythms and harmonies they’ve created a style of music as unique as their members. Shortly after forming, they won the 2002 Boone Battle of the Bands and have since established themselves as one of the most popular bands in the high country.

Banana da Terra will be live from 10pm till 2am at Cafe Portofino in Boone, March 29th.

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